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BeLight The Dock Light in a Bollard

BeLight dock light illuminating trailer
BeLight shown with optional track guard and optional matching bollard with track guard

BeLight dock light top view   BeLight dock light front view



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The Loading Dock Light in a Bollard

BeLight loading dock light is protected inside the bollard. BeLight dock light is the perfect solution to avoid constantly replacing dock lights, fixtures and bulbs.

BeLight Dock Light Solution:

• Sleek, Monolithic Design
• A patented dock light which is nearly indestructible.
• The bollard protects the dock light, as well as the door track.
• Standard Par (Medium E26) bulb base, which is LED compatible.
• Greatly reduces maintenance costs related to damaged dock lights.
• Eliminates safety issues regarding hanging dock lights

The ultimate truck trailer illuminating light:

• BeLight utilizes a photo eye in the capsule, the light is only on when the dock door is open
• Also available with a manual switch
• Remains fixed at your optimized setting (Only requires positioning once, at installation)
• Eliminates the swing arm from collapsing the door track unlike conventional dock lights
• Removes the obstruction in the door opening that conventional dock lights create
• BeLight adapts to any dock condition
• Available for left hand and right hand applications
• BeLight dock lighting installation applications include: cored in, base plate, or offset on an existing bollard

Call us today to arrange for a free BeLight dock light demonstration:
(315) 463-5356 or Toll Free (888) 563-5356

• A BeLight loading dock light trial program is available.
• Guaranteed to lower the cost of owning dock lights
• Loading Dock Equipment Dealers Welcome


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